Calculating the service life of roller bearings

Roller & plain bearings, linear technology

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Roller bearings

For the service life of a drive system, the bearing elements are a component to be considered. In the case of the roller bearing, DIN ISO 281 is used for the service life calculation in the module included here.

The required bearing data is provided by bearing manufacturers and can be quickly retrieved from a database. By specifying the possible installation situation, MDESIGN supports bearing selection with filter and selection functions.


The roller bearing calculation in MDESIGN mechanica provides results for:

  • Extended service life according to DIN 281
  • Modified service life according to DIN 281
  • Calculation of single bearings
  • Interpretation of results via result graphics
  • Graphical diagrams of the results
  • Integrated bearing catalog data for SKF, Schaeffler, Timkem, SBN, KRW, IBC

Manufacturer selection

Well-known manufacturers help you to find the best basis for your rolling bearing calculation.

Bearing types

MDESIGN offers a wide range of bearing types and thus covers the entire spectrum in the area of roller bearing calculation.

Storage options

There is an extensive selection of storage options for each type.


To the expert module

  • Additional calculations according to DIN 26281 and ISO/TS 16281 for
    - Nominal reference service life
    - Modified reference service life
  • Consideration of bearing combinations
  • Consideration of bearing sets
  • Interpretation of results and documentation extensions
    via result graphics and diagrams
  • 3D models in STEP format
MDESIGN mechanical

Plain bearings

For numerous applications in mechanical engineering, plain bearings offer the better solution compared to roller bearings. The determining factors here are the insensitivity to shocks and contamination, but also, for example, the possible applications at very high speeds. The required boundary conditions for lubrication and maintenance must be taken into consideration.

Depending on the type of plain bearing selected, different conditions such as geometric shapes, lubricants, temperatures and loads are taken into account. In addition to access to manufacturer characteristic values, individual values can also be used.

MDESIGN enables the design and recalculation of

  • Hydrodynamic axial plain bearings to DIN 31653 and DIN 31654
  • Stationary loaded radial plain bearings according to DIN 31652 and VDI 2204
  • ISO viscosity classification according to DIN 51519
  • Access to the lubricant database with characteristic parameters from various manufacturers, e.g. Aral, BP, Castrol, Esso, Klüber, Shell and others

MDESIGN provides numerous results from the areas of assessment:

  • Necessary geometry, e.g. clearance width, lubricating film thicknesses, etc
  • Temperatures
  • Bearing loads
  • Load capacities
  • Lubricant values
  • Viscosities
  • Friction power


MDESIGN mechnical

Linear technology

In mechanical engineering and especially in drive technology, we achieve the best results with components from linear technology for translational tasks. MDESIGN mechanical provides the following modules for design and dimensioning:

  • Linear guides according to DIN ISO 281
  • Ball screws according to DIN ISO 3408
  • Access to integrated manufacturer catalogs, e.g. THK, INA, CPC, Star

The key results here are the calculation of the equivalent load, the service life, the critical bending speeds and buckling loads.


Selection of the shape of a linear guideway to be calculated

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