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Calculate under pressure with MDESIGN process

MDESIGN process utilizes all the well-known advantages of the MDESIGN architecture to provide calculation modules for plant engineering and process engineering applications. Based on recognized technical literature and the DIN EN, ISO standards as well as the AD data sheets, MDESIGN process extends this basis for calculation in design and development. Integrated help and access to tables and databases guarantee fast application. Automatic and configurable documents are immediately available.

MDESIGN process


The calculation basis for the flange calculation in MDESIGN process is based on EN 1591 and the AD data sheets. With boundary conditions such as pressure, strength, temperature and acting forces, tasks can be described quickly. The graphically supported access to flange types, gasket variants, bolt types and the extensive material database enables intuitive, effective working.

The applications include

  • Flanges according to EN 1591
  • Flanges according to AD 2000
  • Flat ends and panels
  • Support brackets AD 2000 - S-series
  • Support frames


Additions with support frames and support brackets

Based on the AD data sheets of the S series, the local additional stresses in the pressure vessel wall in the area of the support bracket and the support bracket itself are analyzed. MDESIGN process also supports the dimensioning of the support legs on the basis of the S series with stress and stability verifications for the tank base, the base plates, the reinforcement plates and the legs themselves.


Selection made easy

Shapes, types and required properties are selected with a mouse click and chosen from the MDESIGN database

Safe dimensioning of flanges and gaskets

Based on DIN EN 1591 and the AD data sheets, MDESIGN leads to a safe selection of components

Support frames & support brackets

Stress and stability verifications for container bases, feet and brackets

Versatile in use

MDESIGN 3D model for CAD export

MDESIGN process


Pressure loss and strength verifications for pipelines

After the quick model setup with the help of MDESIGN's 3D wizard, pressure losses, required pump capacity and the strength verification according to EN 13480-3 can be determined and documented immediately.


Pressure loss in pipelines

With MDESIGN process, even complex piping calculations can be easily calculated.

Modeling 3D assistant

Quickly assembled from selected components, the 3D model is built immediately

Versatile in use

MDESIGN 3D model for CAD export


To the expert module

  • Container calculation according to EN 13445 and AD 2000
  • Calculation of nozzles on tanks
  • Calculation of shells, ends and cylinders
  • Calculation of mutual influence
  • Calculation of flanges and screws
  • Pressure test incl. 3D configurator
  • Integrated material database

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