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The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is influencing all areas of life. How can your company benefit from these technologies? What successes are possible and what limits still exist? Let's explore together the practical implementation for a profitable use of AI methods.



Easy start in AI technology

Know-how from your data

The basis for human and artificial intelligence is effective learning with high-quality training material. The quality of your data has a significant impact on success. Whether you already have extensive data or need to generate it - we optimize it for a successful start.

Concretize the task

Feasibility study

The precise formulation of your task is the key to the successful application of the optimal learning algorithm. Our team is on hand to advise you on selecting the right tools and accelerating your success.

Save time and costs

Optimized learning process

Optimizing machine learning can be time-consuming and costly. Save resources with early parameter optimization. Take advantage of our expertise for the best results in machine learning.

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Calculation made easy

MDESIGN software solutions

Time-saving, standard-compliant design, recalculation, optimization and documentation of components and component groups.
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MDESIGN seminars

Practically relevant further training courses for specialists in design and product development for the safe design of machine elements in accordance with recognized guidelines and standards.
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