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MDESIGN author

Integrate in-house calculations

Make your company fit for digitalization by using the MDESIGN author system to structure and secure your company's own knowledge on a software basis and make it easily accessible to all design staff and other stakeholders. Transform your own calculations, formulas and databases into digital calculation applications and catalogs.


MDESIGN author

Discover the advantages of the authoring system: MDESIGN author

MDESIGN author enables the simple conversion of proprietary knowledge into digital calculation applications and catalogs.

  • Structured and secure in-house knowledge
  • Conversion of calculations into digital applications and catalogs
  • Low programming effort, easy to operate
  • Uses proven MDESIGN architecture
  • Configuration of the help system for new users
  • Documentation of in-house calculation is created automatically
  • Simple implementation of additional languages


Digitize company knowledge

With MDESIGN author, in-house knowledge can be easily digitized and made available within the company.

Low programming effort and fast usability

MDESIGN author is relatively easy to use without detailed programming knowledge. The calculation applications created with the author system require no additional training. This is because the user environment and basic functionalities are based on the familiar MDESIGN solutions.

Take advantage of the central benefits here too, such as the database connections, the context-sensitive help system or the translation and documentation function.

Test the authoring system for your purposes

Get to know our authoring system in a no-obligation workshop. Learn from our trainer how you can implement your own calculation applications within a very short time.


Use calculation modules in the process

Calculations, component analyses and design are creative processes. MDESIGN promotes these work processes and accelerates the creation of results and variant evaluation. Interactivity between user and method is part of product development. Nevertheless, companies are also striving to expand product series and modular systems. The design and documentation of components are divided into automated processes.


MDESIGN as a component of process chains

In these new development and design processes, MDESIGN not only plays an important role as an interactive tool. The new batch functionality also guarantees the use of all MDESIGN advantages in automated processes:

  • All MDESIGN modules and libraries can also be started by external processes.
  • Boundary conditions and parameters can be transferred via the standardized XML data exchange.
  • These are processed automatically by the MDESIGN batch process.
  • All results and the graphical evaluation are then made available again in standardized, readable formats. The process can then use these in further processing chains.

MDESIGN becomes a standardized, automatically running background process. Standard calculation methods are quickly and reliably integrated into in-house processes. Time-consuming development of standard calculations is no longer necessary. The necessary updates are carried out by the MDESIGN service. This allows companies to concentrate on the cost-effective digitalization of their in-house processes.

The advantages of MDESIGN batch

  • Integration into process chains
  • Automated use of all MDESIGN modules and libraries
  • XML data exchange for boundary conditions and parameters
  • Automatic processing and evaluation of the results
  • Time- and resource-saving digitalization of in-house processes

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