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Drives and gearboxes are essential components of drive technology. Accurate and reliable dimensioning is the be-all and end-all when calculating gears. With the MDESIGN calculation modules, all important values can be calculated and subsequently documented:

  • Spur gear pairs
  • Gear racks
  • Ring gears
  • Bevel and hypoid gears
  • Crown gears
  • Worm gears
  • Plastic gears
  • Planetary gears
  • Gear assemblies

The complete scope of gearing calculations is divided between the calculation modules in MDESIGN mechanical, extended calculations with MDESIGN gear and the optimization of entire assemblies with MDESIGN gearbox and MDESIGN LVR/LVRplanet.

MDESIGN's powerful help system guides you through the definition of geometries and the required factors. Access to material and lubricant data and the automatic transfer of all characteristic values minimizes the time required.

The clear presentation of the calculated results immediately provides the necessary insights for:

  • Torques and speeds
  • Safeties for tooth root, flank and seizing situations
  • All necessary geometries, including center distances, diameters, factors
  • All required values for the strength verification

MDESIGN supports professional results, e.g. with simulation of tooth engagement, load distribution calculations and optimization methods.

MDESIGN also offers a range of result graphs and diagrams for assessing the results for the topic of gearing. Diagrams for the specific sliding, the load capacity, the force distribution factor and the contact temperature are provided for the respective calculations.

Numerous toothing types

Calculation, optimization and safety verifications for spur gears, gear racks, bevel gears and worm gears.

Safe design and verification

Calculation results are visualized, can be assessed immediately and automatically documented with boundary conditions and notes.

Evaluation for optimizations

In particular, the evaluation via diagrams and graphs leads to a quick assessment of an optimized design

Versatile in use

MDESIGN 3D model for CAD export

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To the expert module

  • Spur gears according to AGMA and ISO
  • Bevel and hypoid gears according to AGMA and DNV
  • Plastic gears
  • Screw gears
  • Test dimensions
  • Load capacity of ring gears with rim influence
  • Micropitting load capacity for spur gear pairs
  • Backlash for spur gear pairs
  • Tooth flank breakage for spur gear pairs
MDESIGN mechanical


MDESIGN also offers licensable modules for calculating complete gearboxes or optimizing the microgeometry of individual tooth shapes:

  • MDESIGN gearbox
    Gearbox modeling and optimization of gears, shafts, and bearings within a single gearbox. This approach offers time savings for multi-stage gearboxes.
    Load distribution calculation for tooth flank optimization for spur and planetary gears



Even more application solutions?

To the expert modules

  • Quick combination of machine elements and
    evaluation as an assembly
  • Intuitive 3D modeling with immediate component calculation
  • Optimization process for prototype development
  • Versatile macro and micro geometry optimization
  • Fast data exchange with common CAD systems

  • Flank width and direction of engagement
  • Clear visualization for individual and overall intervention
  • Quick fixation of the tension ratio
  • For spur and planetary gears
  • Ratio of maximum to average voltage
MDESIGN Mechanical

Clutches & brakes

In this specialist area, MDESIGN supports the dimensioning of shoe drum brakes, band brakes and brake dynamometers. It is supplemented by a module for calculating shaft couplings in accordance with DIN 740, where the calculation methods focus on pre-dimensioning, determining the moments of inertia and dimensioning according to the most unfavorable load type.

The specialist topic of "Clutches & Brakes" is also covered in the Gearing section:

  • Shaft couplings according to DIN 740
  • Predetermination
  • Determination of the moments of inertia
  • Design according to load types
  • Design of a brake
  • Braking force determination for shoe brakes, band brakes and brake dynamometers



MDESIGN mechanical

Belt and chain drives

Gear drives are not feasible for many designs. Alternatively, belt and chain drives can also solve many tasks. Material data from the belt manufacturers is required for correct performance design. The necessary data for belts from Walther Flender and the Mulco Group are supplied by MDESIGN.

Synchronous belt calculation for multiple pulley systems with:

  • a graphical wizard for
    the definition of the arrangement of
  • for systems with up to 20 pulleys
  • Graphical output of the real
    disk arrangement
  • Roller chain calculation according to
    DIN ISO 10823 for European and
    and American designs

Further calculations for narrow V-belts and standard V-belts as well as the quick design of the wrap are also available.
Usable results:

  • Selection of suitable components
  • Geometry parameters
  • Performance parameters
  • Dynamic results



Versatile in use

MDESIGN 3D model for CAD export

Further component calculations
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Shafts, axles, hubs


Screw connections, bolts & pins


Welded joints, soldered & bonded joints


Roller & plain bearings, linear technology


Springs and damping elements


Beams and frames


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