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Material database

Ensuring the safety of machines and systems is essential before they are put into operation. Legislators, testing organizations and customers are increasingly demanding proof that products comply with the applicable standards and directives. Performing these test procedures manually to determine component strength is often time-consuming and prone to errors.

Your advantages: extensive material characteristics

The material database in MDESIGN technology allows you to quickly find the characteristic values you are looking for for many materials. In addition to the characteristic data from the table figures, the advantage here lies in the calculation and determination of material characteristics for different tool sizes and temperature ranges. The FKM guideline provides the basis for this.

  • Calculation basis: FKM guideline (7th edition 2020)
  • Over 450 materials
  • Selectable according to material groups
  • Different treatment conditions
  • Indication of standards and sources


Calculation basis

MDESIGN offers an intuitive user interface with libraries for defining all relevant boundary conditions.

Detection points

MDESIGN provides fast strength verifications with material properties, fatigue strengths, local stresses and safety values.

Large materials database

MDESIGN technology offers a database with over 450 materials and enables quick and easy strength calculations.


FKM strength verification

By using MDESIGN technology, you can perform static strength verifications and fatigue strength verifications for metallic components in just a few minutes. The software enables reliable interpretation of the results and test-compliant documentation of the calculation process. MDESIGN provides fast strength verifications with material properties, fatigue strengths, local stresses and safety values. Graphical representations support the interpretation of the results.

At a glance:

  • Calculation basis: FKM guideline (7th edition 2020)
  • Over 400 materials
  • Material database individually expandable
  • Stress type: local stresses
  • Component shape: Surface and volumetric
  • Detection points: Welded & non-welded

Safely determining the design environment

The proven MDESIGN user interface supports you in defining all relevant boundary conditions for your application. Thanks to the intuitive text and graphic aids, general information on the process (local for welded or non-welded components), the type of stress (structural vs. notch stress) and the material are quickly determined. In addition, the external loads and descriptions of the component are reliably defined thanks to the help system. These include:

  • different types of load
  • Geometry of the component
  • Safety factors
  • Load data
  • Details of the weld seam


Make better decisions faster

After defining all relevant input variables, MDESIGN technology performs a complete strength verification in minutes. This makes it easier than ever to design and optimize components for their intended service life. The results include the following:

  • Material characteristics
  • Fatigue strength
  • Local stresses
  • Kt-Kf ratio
  • Safeties
  • Utilization rate

The graphical representation of the results helps you to correctly interpret the stresses and deformations determined.


Each calculation with documentation

At the touch of a button, MDESIGN generates detailed calculation documentation including the input and result data for the strength calculation, the calculation method used (FKM guideline) and the available graphics.



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