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Our wide-ranging simulation services, from FEM to multi-body simulation, optimize your development process: from problem analysis and tailored simulation strategies to the evaluation of optimization options. Benefit from accelerated development cycles, first-class products and cost savings through fewer physical tests.


Simulation of the stresses

We carry out deformation and stress analyses to determine the loads and stresses occurring on components and assemblies. Using modern finite element and multi-body system solvers, we analyze the deformation, load and noise behavior.

Modeling and calculation of the simulation

Simulation starts with a model - we are happy to use your 3D CAD models or 2D design drawings as the basis for the 3D conversions. We prepare the geometry, add boundary conditions and loads. We carry out simple calculations in-house, for complex studies or parametric investigations we rely on our network of experts.

Validation and evaluation of your simulation model

The model is validated by measurement data and plausibility checks. This ensures reliable answers for damage analysis or optimization. The detailed project report supports targeted decisions and the use of the results.

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Time-saving, standard-compliant design, recalculation, optimization and documentation of components and component groups.
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Practically relevant further training courses for specialists in design and product development for the safe design of machine elements in accordance with recognized guidelines and standards.
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