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MDESIGN Workshops

Applications in daily practice require individual solution approaches. Enhance your MDESIGN skills with our online workshops. Through numerous practical use cases, you will develop the necessary knowledge and skills to solve the calculation tasks of the respective subject areas more quickly.

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MDESIGN practice workshop

The MDESIGN Practical Workshop offers a quick introduction to the software for the design and calculation of machine elements. Ideal for beginners and users with initial experience in MDESIGN, including practice-oriented example calculations and documentation creation.

Online workshop


The MDESIGN bolt workshop focuses on the application of the expert module according to the VDI 2230 guideline for bolted connections. Practical case examples are used to demonstrate the modeling of single bolt connections and to convey the interpretation of results.

Online workshop

MDESIGN multibolt

In the workshop, participants learn the modeling and calculation of multi-bolt connections in MDESIGN multibolt, including automatic result transfer to the individual bolt verification in MDESIGN bolt. The target audience is engineers and professionals with basic knowledge of bolt calculation.

Online workshop


The MDESIGN shaft workshop provides practical training on shaft calculation and strength verification for shafts. It covers modeling, analysis, and documentation in MDESIGN shaft, as well as introduces relevant calculation methods.

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MDESIGN software solutions

Time-saving, standard-compliant design, recalculation, optimization and documentation of components and component groups.
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MDESIGN Services

Our services not only offer you many years of experience and expertise in calculation, simulation and software development, we are also implementing more and more engineering projects using machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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