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Computing software for machine elements

MDESIGN software solutions

Calculation made easy

Frequently routine, but always part of the creative design process: the calculation of machine elements. Here too, acceleration and increased efficiency are always important and are supported by MDESIGN. Because MDESIGN allows for time-saving, standard-compliant design, checking, optimisation and documentation of components and assemblies.

MDESIGN Streaming Service - Perform calculations without installation | MDESIGN

MDESIGN Streaming Service

Perform calculations without installation

Calculate with the MDESIGN Streaming Service without any software installation. Experience a smooth and responsive application of MDESIGN 2020 - globally available on any computer with internet access. Without download, installation or configuration...

Holistical service for the riskless integration of MDESIGN calculation software for machine elements


With support to the goal

The implementation of CAE software can not only be very time-consuming, it can also entail certain risks for your day-to-day business. Our services offer you experience and know-how. Integrate MDESIGN into your IT environment seamlessly and with no downtime. Discover our comprehensive services! You can thus take full advantage of the potential of MDESIGN.

MDESIGN Knowledge Update: Opportunities for postgraduate technical training for constructors and engineers

Knowledge update

Know-how which helps you advance

Digitalisation, changing methods and increasing time, cost and competitive pressure demand lifelong learning. Be among the best in the long term and secure crucial competitive advantages for your company. Bring your technological knowledge and methodological expertise bang up to date – with our seminars, training courses and webinars.


Winner of this year's Engineering Newcomer | MDESIGN

MDESIGN congratulates the winners of EN2021

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Comply with the obligation to provide evidence in accordance with EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Product Safety Act (ProdSG)

Digital tools for technical documentation

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Excellence Partnerships - MDESIGN as new Excellence Partner of Eckert Schulen

New partnership in the promotion of young talents

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Engineering Newcomer goes into the next round

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