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MDESIGN 2024 - What's new?

MDESIGN has been continuously developed over many years. A number of additions and enhancements have also been implemented in the MDESIGN 2024 release. This ongoing process is already reflected in the respective MDESIGN module updates.

MDESIGN 2024 undergoes a fundamental renewal in the database structure. The table structure previously used to manage the technology tables was based on Microsoft Access. Both modern IT infrastructures that use 64-bit technologies and conceptual expansion were limited by the previous architecture.

Conversion to SQL

MDESIGN 2024 has now been converted to SQL technology for future requirements and extensions. Workflows are now significantly simplified.

All technology data, e.g. material characteristics and geometry data, is organized in an SQL database. This ensures future IT compatibility, central organization, secure data storage and the basis for new functions and communication.



The MDESIGN project manager

The first new MDESIGN function extension that uses SQL database technology is the new MDESIGN Project Manager. It offers a major advantage in project planning.

Calculations and calculation documents are no longer saved as individual calculation files in directories, but are managed quickly and clearly in the MDESIGN project manager. All calculations can be assigned to a selected project. This means that an overview of several calculations, including different machine elements, is possible at the click of a mouse. You can quickly search and sort in a familiar way. Existing calculations provided by other users or customers can be easily imported. The export function ensures that calculations can still be passed on to other users. Created PDF documents are immediately available in the same project view. All MDESIGN users working in a team have an immediate overview without having to search.

Extended modification of the documentation

Another core topic of MDESIGN is fast documentation in order to further simplify the provision of multilingual documents.

For this purpose, MDESIGN 2024 now offers multilingualism within a document with the "MDESIGN pdf" extension. The language can be switched directly in the calculation document using buttons in the right-hand margin. MDESIGN 2024 meets the desire for greater individualization with the positioning of 2 logos in the document. A company logo for the CI and a customer or project-specific logo to professionalize the calculation document can be easily configured via the menu interface.

MDESIGN bolt with 3D assistant

The addition of the MDESIGN 3D wizard is now also available in one of the most frequently used applications, MDESIGN bolt.

Different properties of the bolted connection can now be captured even more intuitively directly in the model. Geometry values for bolts, nuts and plates can be changed immediately. MDESIGN thus minimizes effort, increases input quality and saves additional time.



New "helical gear" calculation module

MDESIGN also includes additional specialist content and new modules. In the "Gears" area, the "Helical gear" calculation module is now available.

Basic principles from DIN, ISO and the technical literature "Niemann/Winter" are the basis for meeting customer requirements. The bevel and hypoid gear calculations have been supplemented by the calculation of tooth flank fracture.

Module extensions

The calculation of the "tapered interference fit" is now included in the "Shaft-hub connection" specialist area. The pressure vessel calculations have been expanded to include "support feet" based on the S series of AD data sheets in the "MDESIGN process" library.

In addition, new gasket manufacturers and an interface to the European Sealing Association (ESA) can also be used in this library. MDESIGN also provides numerous updates of table values, database content and fundamentals.

The calculation of material characteristics is now also based on the current version of the FKM guideline and databases for adhesives have also been updated.

English calculation modules now also available in German

In a first step, calculation modules that could previously only be used in the English setting have been transferred to the German view.

They are based on the US technical literature "R. L. Mott Machine Elements in Mechanical Design". They can be found in the topics of screw connections, shafts, axles and shaft-hub connections. Further modules from other specialist topics will follow in the next issues.


► For customers with a current service contract MDESIGN 2024 is now available for download in the customer forum available.



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