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Advanced methods for more applications

Dimension bolted connections reliably and reduce calculation times for carrying out complex strength verifications. Use MDESIGN bolt, the market-leading digital tool for efficient bolt calculation in accordance with recognized engineering standards. Depending on the application, the library contains different tools for bolt calculation: MDESIGN bolt offers designers and engineers in mechanical and plant engineering the opportunity to calculate highly stressed bolt connections systematically and in accordance with VDI guideline 2230. For users in steel construction, MDESIGN bolt includes recognized verification methods in accordance with Eurocode 3 standards (e.g. DIN EN 1993-1-8) for the safe design and dimensioning of bolted connections made of steel.

The additional advantages of MDESIGN bolt at a glance:

Compared to the calculation of bolted joints according to VDI 2230 in MDESIGN mechanical, MDESIGN bolt includes additional functions and calculation options for

  • Eccentric load cases
  • In-house screw geometries
  • Banjo bolts, flange bolts, stud bolts,
  • Stud bolt
  • Countersunk head screws
  • Screws with inch dimensions (UNC, UNF, UNEF)
  • Up to 10 braced components / panels
  • Temperature consideration
  • Use of own materials
  • Use of own screw dimensions
  • Additional material database according to FKM guideline
  • Consideration of tensioning pulleys
  • Consideration of self-locking nuts
  • Adoption of forces from FE results
  • Extended panel detailing
  • Assessment of the results with dynamic tension diagrams
  • Additional calculation methods for steel construction - DIN EN 1993 1-8

Pre-dimensioning and detailed recalculation

Whether you are designing a new structure or further developing an existing one, MDESIGN bolt allows you to choose between various bolt calculation methods in accordance with VDI 2230. The simple design calculation allows you to determine the bolt diameter as well as the minimum and maximum preload force by specifying the axial force and, if necessary, the shear force. If larger forces are to be transmitted and the failure of the component can have serious consequences, a detailed recalculation in accordance with VDI 2230 using the "extended recalculation" is necessary.

Quickly determine the required influencing factors

The external forces acting on the elements during operation must be known as precisely as possible for the reliable dimensioning of a bolted connection in accordance with VDI guideline 2230. The main influencing variables include friction coefficients, the selected tightening method, the number of parting lines, the mechanical and geometric properties of the bolts and nuts, the connecting material of the plates and the loads. The MDESIGN help system supports you in recording these boundary conditions for the bolt calculation. Valuable information and selection aids in the form of texts, graphics and tables are available for each required input parameter. Time-consuming research in various analog and digital information sources is therefore a thing of the past.

Screw and panel materials always to hand

In particular, the material used is of crucial importance for the resilience, functionality and quality of fasteners such as bolts and nuts. If, for example, the tensile strength value is exceeded during operation, the material fails and the fastener can no longer meet the necessary requirements. The integrated MDESIGN material database supports you in selecting the optimum screw material for your application. The material parameters for the parts to be fastened are also selected using the MDESIGN database. It includes standardized material characteristics (including material number, tensile strength, yield strength or interfacial pressure) for over 450 materials. In addition, the company's own material characteristics can be entered and thus made available to all employees involved for standardization.

Extended screw types

MDESIGN bolt offers an extended screw selection for an even wider range of applications

Recyclables databases

MDESIGN bolt not only uses VDI and FKM databases, but also the company's own characteristic values.

3D representation

MDESIGN bolt uses the new 3D wizard for fast, intuitive modeling.

Diagrams and evaluations

Graphical evaluation for reliable assessment of variants. Perfect for quick optimizations.

VDI-compliant strength verification in the shortest possible time

In order to dimension the bolt so that it can withstand the loads and forces during its service life and fulfill its function, the corresponding strength values are calculated in accordance with VDI 2230 after defining the design conditions. In a matter of seconds, MDESIGN bolt calculates all important values such as the required tightening torque, Safeties, stresses (torsional, comparative and assembly preload) as well as all forces to be determined and the permissible surface pressure in the head and nut support. The graphical representations of the results in the form of 2D and 3D graphics help you to evaluate the design quickly and reliably.

Technical and economic optimization

Use the option of being able to assess alternative and variable situations at a glance for modifications and new designs. The parametric analysis in MDESIGN provides you with clear results for different boundary conditions within the bolt calculation. For example, you can immediately assess the influence of forces and tensile strengths on the resulting Safeties. Or the required tightening torques under different friction conditions.

Transparency and traceability

Companies, their customers and testing facilities pay particular attention to the traceability of product creation. ISO 9000, the EC Machinery Directive and product liability require this. MDESIGN calculation documentation provides you with the necessary documents without any loss of time. Boundary conditions, notes, results and graphical evaluations are compiled at the click of a mouse. On request in company-specific layouts and for international use in English, French, Russian and Chinese.

Documentation of your bolted joint

1 | Standards & Notes

Clear and project-related traceability through image integration and detailed standard descriptions.

2 | Inputs & boundary conditions

Detailed and configurable overview of all inputs and boundary conditions.

3 | Graphical explanations

Descriptive assistance for internal and external users of the documentation for a quick assessment.

4 | Calculation results

Clear overview of all results. The scope is freely definable at any time for maximum flexibility.

5 | Graphical evaluation of the results

Automatic documentation of the graphical evaluation. Size and number can also be individually selected here.

MDESIGN 3D models for CAD export


To the expert module

  • Determination of force and torque in bolt fields
    according to VDI 2230 Sheet 2
  • Determination of highly loaded screws
  • Calculations for special and individual screws
  • Extended material data thanks

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