Analysis of multi-bolt connections

MDESIGN multibolt

MDESIGN multibolt

Safely assess loads on screws

Use MDESIGN multibolt to efficiently determine the most heavily loaded bolted connection within a bolt array (multi-bolt connection). Benefit from significant time savings, as the FEM calculation of the load distribution on all bolts in accordance with VDI Guideline 2230 Sheet 2 is performed automatically in the background. Not only are the (additional) bolt forces calculated, but you also receive all the necessary parameters to subsequently perform the strength verification of the critical single-bolt connection in accordance with VDI 2230 Sheet 1.

Recognize the most heavily loaded bolt more quickly

MDESIGN multibolt quickly delivers the required maximum load bolt in bolt arrangements. Quickly determine the forces in your model. Save time during the design phase and set the course for a good design at an early stage with :

  • Flange shapes: round, rectangular, triangular panel shapes
  • Extensive connection constructions: round, rectangular and triangular, U, L, I and T profiles
  • Modeling of screw patterns using modifiable patterns
  • Intuitive and fast creation, visualization and editing of multi-bolt connections using the graphical 3D wizard
  • Consideration of the influence of the operating temperature of the bolt and the components to be screwed together
  • Automatic setup and networking in the background
  • Graphic display of the most heavily loaded screws
  • Detailed results per bolt
  • Adoption according to MDESIGN bolt for strength verification according to VDI2230

Verification of the maximum load bolt in accordance with VDI 2230 Sheet 1

The strength verification of the highly loaded single-screw connection is then carried out quickly and in accordance with the guidelines in MDESIGN bolt. All the values required for these calculations, such as the geometry of the connection, bolt forces, plate flexibility and other characteristic data, are transferred from MDESIGN multibolt to MDESIGN bolt and processed at the click of a mouse. Automated data transfer not only saves you valuable development time, but also prevents careless data entry errors.

Flange calculation

MDESIGN multibolt can be used to calculate the safety and efficiency of flanges in various applications.

3D representation

Visualization of the calculation using a detailed 3D wizard.

Power distribution

In addition to various Safeties , force distributions and movements are also simulated in the 3D model.

Versatile in use

MDESIGN 3D model for CAD export

MDESIGN multibolt

Documentation of your bolted joint

1 | Standards & Notes

Clear and project-related traceability through image integration and detailed standard descriptions.

2 | Inputs & boundary conditions

Detailed and configurable overview of all inputs and boundary conditions.

3 | Graphical explanations

Descriptive assistance for internal and external users of the documentation for a quick assessment.

4 | Calculation results

Clear overview of all results. The scope is freely definable at any time for maximum flexibility.

5 | Graphical evaluation of the results

Automatic documentation of the graphical evaluation. Size and number can also be individually selected here.


To the expert module

  • Additional calculation and verification according to Eurocode 3
  • Consideration of eccentric load cases
  • Temperature consideration
  • Other screw types: Hollow, flanged, studs and hexagon socket set screws
  • Screws with inch dimensions
  • Extended material data thanks
  • Integration of own screw and material data
  • Consideration of conical spring washers and self-locking nuts
  • Alternative transfer of FE results
  • Extended tension diagrams

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