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Calculation services

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Support in engineering projects

With customized calculation services, we support you in the successful implementation of your engineering projects and in accelerating and facilitating your product development. Our portfolio ranges from carrying out extensive strength calculations to analyzing optimization potential and creating verifiable reports.

All calculations are based on national and international standards and guidelines (e.g. VDI, DIN EN, ISO, FKM, Eurocode, AD, AGMA) and are supported by modern software and calculation methods.


Calculation as a service

Assistance for component optimization

Calculation of connecting elements (weld seams, bolted connections), rotary motion elements (shafts, axles, shaft-hub connections, bearings) and drive elements (belts, gear wheels, chain drives).

  • Strength and load-bearing capacity calculations
  • Service life calculations
  • Variant studies
  • Parametric analysis
  • Optimization (design, weight, parameter studies)

Service for optimization

Efficient transmission systems

Comprehensive support in the modelling, parameterization and calculation of gearbox systems. Our range of services includes planetary, spurand bevel gearboxes with various types of gearing as well as the design of helicalor worm gearboxes .

  • Mass-optimized
  • Optimized installation space
  • Volume-optimized
  • Mass inertia optimized

Services from calculation to consulting

Support in the selection of materials

The determination of relevant material characteristics is based on an extensive material database(metal, steel, aluminum, plastic) from international standards and guidelines as well as from leading manufacturers. The influence of size and temperature dependence can be taken into account in all tests.

Providing the documentation

Verification in line with testing requirements

Audit-compliant calculation documentation including all relevant information, individual layouts, the scope of the content and the required document formats (DOCX, HTML, PDF) meet customer requirements - in different languages.

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Evidence for waves

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Fabric and form fit

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Calculation made easy

MDESIGN software solutions

Time-saving, standard-compliant design, recalculation, optimization and documentation of components and component groups.
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MDESIGN seminars

Practically relevant further training courses for specialists in design and product development for the safe design of machine elements in accordance with recognized guidelines and standards.
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