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With calculation services adapted to your needs, we support you in the successful implementation of your engineering projects. You need specialized engineering know-how or additional resources to solve your task? MDESIGN Consulting Services supports you with on-time design, calculation and optimization of your engineering.


Calculation services from the design of machine elements to the dimensioning of complete component groups

From connecting elements (e.g. single- and multi-bolt connections, welds) to rotary motion elements (e.g. shafts and axles, shaft-hub connections, bearings) to drive elements (e.g. belts, gears, chain drives), we offer you a wide range of possible applications. Our range of services specifically includes the following tasks:

  • Strength and load capacity calculations
  • Service life calculations
  • Variant analyses
  • Parametric analysis
  • Optimization (design, weight, parameter studies)

The calculations we carry out are based on recognized national and international standards and guidelines (e.g. VDI, DIN, ISO, FKM, Eurocode, AD, AGMA) and with the aid of the latest software-supported design and calculation methods.

In addition to the calculation of individual machine elements, we are also happy to undertake the modeling, parameterization and calculation of gear systems (planetary, spur and bevel gears) for you. Thereby you can use straight toothed gears, helical gears, double-helical or spiral toothed. The filtering of the gear design regarding the following criteria ensures that you can choose easily and quickly the optimal variation:

  • Mass
  • Space
  • Volume
  • Mass inertia

Comprehensive engineering services from calculation to materials consulting

On request, we can also support you in selecting the appropriate material for your application and in determining the relevant material characteristics. For this purpose, we have an extensive database with hundreds of materials (metal, steel, aluminum, plastic) from international standards and guidelines as well as from leading manufacturers and suppliers. Size influence as well as temperature dependence can be taken into account in all tests.


Safety for your design: Detailed documentation and verifiable proofs

Subsequent to the calculation process, we will provide you with complete, testable calculation documentation including all relevant information (input data, calculation basics, graphics, tables, results) within a very short time. You determine the desired template, the scope of the content and the target format (DOCX, HTML, PDF). We deliver the finished document to you - and in different languages.


Calculation services from the expert

Thanks to many years of practical experience and specialized know-how, we can offer companies from many industrial sectors customized support in numerous simulation and calculation questions. These include, among others, the following topics:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Mining and surface mining
  • Energy and environment
  • Logistics
  • Aerospace
  • New drive concepts

Find solutions for your projects with us! We will be happy to assist you!