Key elements for the design phase

Beams & frames

MDESIGN mechanical

Beams and frames

Beams and frames often have to be designed, particularly in the design phase. They are the basis for further tasks. MDESIGN supports the design of beams, frames, racks, plates and members, including relevant values and standard beam databases with quick estimates and comprehensive load-bearing capacity verifications

The software offers solutions for plates, beams and supporting structures, provides values such as deflection, bearing forces, stresses and internal forces, uses databases with standard beams (DIN, DIN EN) and allows custom profile geometries.


MDESIGN offers you:

  • Quick design of beams, frames and stands
  • Complete load-bearing capacity verifications for beams, slabs, bars
  • Calculation of deflection, bearing forces, stresses, cutting forces
  • Use of databases with standards (DIN, DIN EN)
  • Option to integrate your own profile geometries


Calculated 3D representation

Fast visualization - can also be used for calculation documentation

Selecting the use case

Decisions can be made quickly by selecting the type of load and positioning

Diagrams e.g. bending lines

Graphical evaluations and diagrams ensure quick assessments

Versatile in use

MDESIGN 3D model for CAD export

Further component calculations
with MDESIGN mechanical

Shafts, axles, hubs


Screw connections, bolts & pins


Welded joints, soldered & bonded joints


Gearing, gears, drive technology


Roller & plain bearings, linear technology


Springs and damping elements


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