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Technical progress and increasing global competitive pressure require specialists and managers in design and development to have up-to-date technical expertise as well as analytical and creative skills. MDESIGN Knowledge Update offers designers and engineers practical training courses for the safe design of machine elements in accordance with recognized guidelines and standards.

Design, selection and optimization

Bolted connections

The seminar addresses the design and calculation of highly stressed bolted connections according to the VDI 2230 guideline, as well as the use of bolt securing methods to prevent failures.

Force determination in

Screw fields

The seminar covers the design and calculation of highly stressed multi-bolt connections in accordance with VDI 2230 Sheet 2, including the use of FEM systems. It enables participants to determine forces in bolt arrays and efficiently optimize their components.

Differences in application and methods

Weld seam calculation

The seminar covers the calculation and design of welded connections, including verification concepts, FEM modeling, and weld seam quality. It also addresses methods to increase the fatigue strength of weld seams.

Quality-oriented design in practice

Welded connections

The seminar addresses the practical design of welded connections, quality control in the development of welded structures, and the prevention of damage incidents. It deals with the creation of standard-compliant welding drawings according to ISO 2553 and the importance of weld seam quality and quality assurance in welding technology.

Strength verification of machine components according to

FKM guideline

This seminar covers the computational proof of strength according to the FKM guideline for components, both welded and unwelded, taking into account stress concepts, material properties, weld seam calculations, and the latest changes to the guidelines.

Strength verification of machine components according to

FKM Guideline - Update

In this seminar, you will learn about the main changes and possible applications of the 7th edition of the FKM guideline as well as the technical background to it. You will learn how to apply the guideline in practice and how to interpret calculation results reliably.

Strength design

Pressure vessel

In this seminar, you will learn about the strength design of pressure-loaded devices based on the European Pressure Equipment Directive. You will discover how the lifespan and safety of devices can be ensured through the correct application of standards and guidelines.

Detection methods in practical application


This seminar covers comprehensive shaft calculation according to DIN 743 and provides criteria, methods, and practical examples for the dynamic and static strength calculation of shafts. Suitable for engineers, designers, and specialists from various fields.

Evaluate calculations and evidence

From gear to gearbox

This seminar addresses current developments in gearbox design and evaluation, including gear geometry, load capacity verification, new proof methods, gear materials, energy efficiency, and optimization for engineers and professionals in development, design, and calculation.

MDESIGN knowledge update online seminars always take place live so that you can ask your questions directly to the speaker via chat. The webinar training documents are available to you for follow-up and to ensure your learning success in the long term.

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