October 18, 2023

A success story about innovation in mechanical engineering

We celebrate 40 years of TEDATA GmbH

This year, we are celebrating our 40th company anniversary. We look back on an exciting development, successful cooperations, and fantastic customer relationships, and we look forward to many more years of innovation and success together with you!


The beginnings: From the drawing board to the computer

In 1983, several dedicated engineers joined forces in Bochum to found an engineering office and develop customized designs for customers in the mechanical engineering sector. At that time, design was still characterized by manual work and time-consuming processes. CAD systems were therefore introduced as an aid to support the design processes. This laid the foundation for the later business model of TEDATA GmbH.

With a focus on CAD systems, the company began selling these systems in Germany in collaboration with a British software manufacturer and a US computer manufacturer. Customers had the opportunity to purchase pre-installed computers with CAD applications. This successful CAD sales operation lasted for almost two decades, initially focusing on North Rhine-Westphalia, where the number of customers grew to around 100. At the same time, TEDATA was active in the development of database systems, which were often created in long-term projects for corporate customers.


The birth of MDESIGN: software innovation in mechanical engineering

At the end of the 1980s, TEDATA began to focus more intensively on developing its own software. At that time, many companies were still using their own calculation solutions. TEDATA relied on the Microsoft operating system and the application on personal computers. The MDESIGN software solution was born.

MDESIGN offered a wide range of calculation solutions for mechanical engineering and thus stood out from specialized individual solutions. A decisive step in supporting software development was the cooperation with IT experts from Ukraine from the mid-1990s. With a focus on the software market and the increasing demands on the quality and quantity of the software, other business areas and activities were increasingly discontinued from around the year 2000.


Growth and diversification: The MDESIGN group

Since 2002, experienced mechanical engineers from DriveConcepts GmbH in Dresden have been supporting the MDESIGN group's technical expertise in the design and calculation of machine elements.

The continuous growth of MDESIGN products led to the founding of the MDESIGN sales company in Bochum in 2005. This subsidiary focused on marketing MDESIGN software solutions and made a significant contribution to the company's success.

Today, the MDESIGN group of companies - consisting of TEDATA Gesellschaft für technische Informationssysteme mbH, MDESIGN Vertriebs GmbH and DriveConcepts GmbH - is active at various locations. It employs specialists for coding and programming, a sales team for the sale of software and services as well as experts for calculation and simulation. With around 50 employees, the MDESIGN group has achieved a leading position in the market and supplies its more than 3,000 customer companies from the mechanical engineering and automotive industries with digital tools and technical knowledge from current standards and guidelines.


A commitment to quality and innovation

The history of TEDATA GmbH and MDESIGN is characterized by continuous innovation and the pursuit of the highest quality. The use of IT standards in programming and graphical user guidance is a benchmark for the company's activities. In addition, new developments such as cloud applications or support from AI assistants are incorporated to offer modern, future-oriented and sustainable solutions.

From its base in Bochum, TEDATA GmbH continues its tradition of innovation and excellence in mechanical engineering. The success story of TEDATA and MDESIGN shows how the vision and commitment of a team can have a lasting impact on the industry.

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