MDESIGN 2022 - the new Second Edition

Continue and expand what has been successful

MDESIGN 2022 - Continue and expand what has been successful with the new Second Edition | MDESIGN

When it comes to calculating machine elements, you rely on digital solutions from MDESIGN. Regular updates ensure that these solutions are up to date, but also that your feedback, suggestions and wishes are taken into account for the features.

In MDESIGN 2022 Second Edition, new features have been implemented, the scope of graphical assistants has been increased, and databases have been expanded.

The new features of MDESIGN 2022 Second Edition at a glance:

  • Selection of countersunk bolts in the expert module MDESIGN bolt
  • Graphical assistant for modeling pulley arrangement for synchronous belts
  • New module "Support brackets" for the design of brackets according to AD 2000 S data sheets
  • New layout template with additional logo integration for your customer projects
  • Extension of the thread database
  • Extension of the database for bearings
  • Adaptations and extensions for graphical assistants

Calculation of countersunk bolts in approximation to VDI 2230

Bolt calculation according to the VDI 2230 guideline has become an internationally recognized standard. The design and calculation of constructions in which countersunk bolts are used cannot be represented by it. MDESIGN bolt meets the wish of many designers to be able to use non-protruding bolt heads in products by now integrating this bolt type and enabling a calculation approximating VDI 2230.

Create synchronous belt models with graphical support

Graphical assistants within MDESIGN offer a quick and easy way to create designs without having to perform calculations.

With the new graphical assistant in the area of synchronous belts, pulleys and tensioning pulleys can be selected, inserted and arranged in the model. This allows you to optimally integrate frequently used standard lengths for synchronous belts into your own design. The models created in this way can be exported as a 3D model in STEP format for further use.  

Secure your pressure vessels

When designing pipelines and pressure vessels, the question also arises as to how they can be securely fastened and set up. The new "support brackets" module in MDESIGN process enables the design of support and retaining frames.

Further individualization options for documentation

Design engineers often work on behalf of a customer. With an additional layout for your documentation, customer logos for corresponding projects can now be integrated in addition to the company's own logo.

Enhancements and updates for an even better MDESIGN

Key figures and databases should always be up to date, especially if they have to ensure safety in design. Therefore, these are also regularly checked and updated for MDESIGN. With the update MDESIGN 2022 Second Edition not only bearing data and the thread database have been extended, the diagram designations in the spring calculation have been expanded, but also graphical assistants have been added in other areas. So that every day you have a solution that simplifies, shortens and secures your design tasks.

For customers with a current service contract, MDESIGN 2022 Second Edition is now available for download in the customer forum.


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