Strength verification of welded components



Calculation according to recognized standards

MDESIGN offers the option of calculating welded components. When calculating weld seams, there are many calculation bases in parallel, depending on the area of application.

MDESIGN weld extends the calculation methods of MDESIGN mechanical by the verification according to

  • FKM guideline
  • Eurocode 3

The calculation is possible for static and dynamic loads.

Nominal voltage concept vs. local concept

The weld seam calculation module is based on the nominal stress concept. The nominal stresses can be determined for a large number of connection types by calculating the moments of resistance. The system is determined by entering the geometry and defining the loads in the weld seam plane.

The local concept, on the other hand, is based on the input of an existing stress (structural stress). The stress is usually determined in an upstream FE calculation. There are therefore no restrictions regarding the connection types.


Material database

The MDESIGN database contains the relevant material characteristics of the 4 implemented calculation bases. The calculation according to DVS 0705 and the FKM guideline use the database of the FKM guideline, which is the most comprehensive database with over 40 steels suitable for welding and over 40 aluminum materials suitable for welding.

Proof of safety according to current regulations

Expanded calculation method for static and dynamic loads with consideration of different notch cases.


Choice of different connection types

Applications that can be accessed quickly at the click of a mouse offer possible solutions, geometry variants and weld seam shapes.


Visualize and evaluate results graphically

Simply model weld seams with the MDESIGN assistant and evaluate the calculation results with notes and limit values.

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