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Managing directors

Dr. Thomas Marquardt, MDESIGN - Manager of Finances and Personell
Dr. Thomas Marquardt
Finances and Human Ressources

+49 234 30703-60

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Sales and Services

Lothar Tschapke, MDESIGN - Technical Consulting/Research & Education
Lothar Tschapke
Technical Advice

+49 234 30703-66

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Michael Hagner, MDESIGN - Area Management Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Michael Hagner
Sales - South Germany/A/CH

+49 234 30703-76

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Stefan Rölleke, MDESIGN - Area Management Northern Germany
Stefan Rölleke
Sales - North Germany

+49 234 30703-64

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Britta Reinhardt, MDESIGN - Back Office
Britta Reinhardt
Internal Sales

+49 234 30703-68

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Andrea Niehues, MDESIGN - Existing Customers
Andrea Niehues
Customer Care

+49 234 30703-67

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Julia Kaufmann, MDESIGN -  Existing Customers
Julia Kaufmann
Customer Care

+49 234 30703-95

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Astrid Peters, TEDATA - International Sales
Astrid Peters
Sales Representative

+49 234 30703-21

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Dipl.-Ing. Markus Höltermann MDESIGN
Dipl.-Ing. Markus Höltermann
Technical Consultant

+49 234 30703-18

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Nicola Grade MDESIGN
Nicola Grade
Marketing & Communication

+49 234 30703-28

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