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MDESIGN Decker Edition


Accompanying software for the practice

Optimize your design process: With the free MDESIGN Decker Edition, perfectly coordinated with the textbook and practice book Decker Machine Elements, you can dimension machine elements (including screws, shafts, shaft-hub connections, springs, rolling bearings, welded connections) in no time at all. Over 35,000 practitioners use the same software. Free of charge for pupils, students and teachers! Register now and start your efficient design journey!

Important note

The MDESIGN Decker Edition may not be used for commercial purposes and is limited in time.

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Practice software for study & training
  • Extensive calculation functions for machine elements and component groups
  • Application of recognized standards, guidelines and calculation methods
  • Practical material properties and contact details of manufacturers
  • Transparent results path and comprehensive calculation documentation at the click of a mouse
  • Promoting creative product development and innovation through parametric analysis and optimized design solutions

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