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MDESIGN mechanical - Gearing

Drives and gear units are essential components of drive technology. Accurate and safe dimensioning have highest importance.

Calculations of this MDESIGN category provide results on

  • Geometry
  • Test dimensions
  • Load and safeties
  • Strengths and load capacity

These are based on DIN, EN, AGMA and ISO for

  • Spur gears and racks
  • Ring gears
  • Bevel and hypoid gears
  • Crown gears
  • Worm gears
  • Gear assemblies

For professional results MDESIGN supports e.g. with

  • Simulation of gear meshing
  • Load distribution calculations
  • Optimization methods

and thus leads to new, competitive products.

Depending on the application, you can extend your scope of services with the following expert module:

  • MDESIGN gear for the technically correct calculation of extended gearings according to DIN, ISO, AGMA and VDI.


MDESIGN mechanical – Gears

If the task is to calculate complete gears or to optimize the micro-geometry of individual tooth shapes, additional solutions are available with additional licensable modules:

  • MDESIGN gearbox - Gearbox modeling and optimization of gears, shafts and bearings in one gear, particularly advantageous for multi-stage gearboxes
  • MDESIGN LVR/LVRplanet - Load distribution calculation for tooth flank optimization


MDESIGN mechanical – Clutches, Brakes

MDESIGN mechanical is a comprehensive collection of calculation methods for machine elements. Based on recognized technical literature and the respective DIN EN and DIN ISO standards, MDESIGN mechanical provides the basis for calculation in product design and development. Integrated help and access to tables and databases guarantee fast application. Automatic and configurable documents are immediately available.
The specialist topic "Couplings, brakes" supports:

  • Shaft couplings according to DIN 740
  • Predetermination
  • Determination of moments of inertia
  • Design according to load types
  • Design of a brake
  • Brake force determination for shoe brakes, band brakes and brake dynamometers


MDESIGN mechanical - Belt, Chain

For many product designs, gear drives are not convertible. Alternatively, belt and chain drives also solve many tasks. Material data is required for the correct performance design. MDESIGN provides the necessary data. Here the following calculations are to be used:
Timing belt calculation for multi-layer systems with

  • a graphical assistant for the definition of the arrangement of slices
  • for systems with up to 20 slices
  • Graphical output oft the real slice geometries
  • Roller chain calculation according to DIN ISO 10823 for European and American designs.

Further calculations for narrow V-belts and normal V-belts as well as the quick design of the wrap are available here.
Usable results:

  • Selection of suitable components
  • Geometry values
  • Performance values
  • Dynamic results


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