Reliable optimization of shafts

MDESIGN shaft: Calculation and optimization of shafts according to DIN 743

MDESIGN shaft allows you to design, calculate and optimize shafts in accordance with the current norms and standards.


The benefits of MDESIGN shaft at a glance:
  • Calculation of strength in accordance with DIN 743
  • Reliable interpretation of the results thanks to many output charts
  • Configurable calculation report with a click
  • Extended scope of calculation compared to MDESIGN mechanical
  • Seamless import of 3D-CAD shaft models
  • Possible use of internal material data
  • Immediate applicability thanks to the intuitive user face
A rapidly established construction environment

The tried and tested MDESIGN user interface helps you to establish the constructive framework conditions of your use case in an intuitive and effective manner. Choose the desired verification method (static or dynamic), establish the geometry of the shaft with the aid of the graphic assistant (2D & 3D) and find all the necessary information on the type of load in a short space of time thanks to context-sensitive text aids. Important material properties (e.g. tensile strength, yield stress, young´s modulus, shear modulus) according to DIN 743 part 3 can be found in the integrated MDESIGN database. But internal materials can also be added easily through the database and are available directly.

Shaft calculation made easy

After completing the definition of shaft geometry, storage and load, MDESIGN shaft carries out all the necessary calculations in a matter of seconds in order to design shafts in a constructively safe manner and discover new optimisation potential. These include model data such as moments of inertia, volume data and weights. All the important stresses and deflections are also calculated.

In the context of strength calculation according to 743, MDESIGN shaft provides all the required safety values. These include:

  • Safety against fatigue failure
  • Safety against yielding
  • Static and dynamic safety

Notch effect, form and notch sensitivity factors are also calculated.

Clear output graphics illustrate the calculation results visually and help to interpret the strength inspection quickly and reliably. These include diagrams, charts and true-to-scale progress displays of bending moments, lateral forces, equivalent stresses, safeties among others.

Advanced calculation options by MDESIGN shaft

In comparison with shaft calculation in MDESIGN mechanical, the advanced shaft calculation of MDESIGN shaft includes additional functions and calculation options:

  • Consideration of additional designs (e.g. hollow shafts) and conical sections
  • Shaft model with up to 100 shaft sections
  • Use up to 12 bearing positions
  • Specification of individual notch factors
  • Calculation of the critical bending speed
  • Extensive graphical presentation of results
  • Calculation of individual notches
  • Consideration of gyroscopic effects and bearing stiffness values


Seamless connection to all common CAD systems

By connecting MDESIGN shaft to all common CAD systems via the STEP format, you can import your 3D-CAD shaft model directly. In addition, the new 3D graphic assistant helps you to model project-specific framework conditions. In this way, you place bearings, dimensions, strengths, loads and moments directly on the model and assess design changes in an even faster and more precise manner. All the necessary input values for the arithmetical proof of strength are then transmitted to the input screen at a click of the mouse. Time-consuming and error-prone manual data transcription is thus a thing of the past.


Configurable calculation report with a click

Shaft calculation with proof of strength according to DIN 743 is used not only for internal purposes such as quality assurance. The creation of traceable product or verifying documentation is also becoming increasingly more important for meeting legal conditions, customer requirements or for external testing, and is now strictly required for many companies. MDESIGN generates extensive calculation documentation incl. that of input and result data, underlying standards and directives and available graphics at the touch of a button. The scope and content of the report can be configured individually. Corporate design requirements can therefore be met without any issues.


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