Strength calculation for welded joints

MDESIGN weld offers the possibility, to make calculations for welded joints. For the calculation of welded joints, a lot of calculation methods exist. The calculation methods are similar and meanly differ in the area of application. MDESIGN weld uses the most important calculation methods. This are the following methods:

  • Leaflet DVS 0705
  • Leaflet 1612
  • FKM Guideline
  • Eurocode 3

The calculation is for all calculation methods separated into static and dynamic calculation.


Nominal stress concept vs. local stress concept

The calculation module weld based on nominal stress concept. For a lot of different connection types, the calculation of the necessary moments of resistance is integrated. So, the nominal stress can by calculated by input of geometry and loads.

The local stress concept based on the input of the working stress (structural stress) at the point for calculation. The determination of stress is generally done by a FE-calculation bevor. The main advantage is, that there is no restriction of joint type for stress determination.


Material database

The MDESIGN material database contains the materials of the used calculation methods. The calculation according the standard DVS 0705 FKM Guideline uses the material data from FKM Guideline. This is the most extensive material database and contains more than 40 weldable steels and more than 40 weldable aluminum.


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