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Extensive version for students

Advancing vocational training and studies with MDESIGN | MDESIGN student

Digital tools are part of the daily engineering life, also in training and studies. MDESIGN student offers you calculation functions and algorithms for most machine elements up to entire component groups - from connecting elements (e.g. screws, bolts or welds) and springs to shafts and bearing elements (e.g. roller and friction bearings) to drive elements (e.g. belts, chain drives, gears) as well as entire gearboxes. Recognized technical standards, guidelines and rules as well as calculation methods form the necessary basis. Material properties of materials and product, company and contact data of leading suppliers and manufacturers ensure practical orientation. With MDESIGN student you have a calculation software that not only solves the tasks but also shows the way to the result. With the integrated collection of formulas, all steps are comprehensible.

Calculation documentation at the click of a mouse

Following the calculation, MDESIGN student creates comprehensive calculation documentation at the click of a mouse. This is suitable for project work as well as for bachelor, master or diploma theses. It contains all necessary references to applied standards, fundamentals and guidelines, selected boundary conditions and results. Thanks to clear graphics, 3D models and tables, the work performance is illustrated.

Breaking new ground - developing optimized design solutions

Research and teaching should encourage students to develop new approaches to solutions and to tread previously unknown paths. The "Parametric Analysis" function integrated in MDESIGN student supports the development of optimized designs. Relevant design parameters are varied, recalculated and automatically perform the analysis calculations. The changes can be interpreted quickly and accurately thanks to clear graphics and illustrations. In this way, creative and innovative processes in product development are already encouraged during studies.



Full functionality at a special price for students

The MDESIGN study version, provided as a single-user license, contains the full calculation scope of the industrial versions and is valid for two years. It is only limited in the configuration of output documents, result documents are additionally watermarked.

Important notes:

MDESIGN student can only be purchased by people who are currently training or studying.

Valid proof (student ID, training contract, certificate of enrollment or confirmation letter from the school or university) is required to purchase the MDESIGN study license.

Evidence must be uploaded prior to download and upon request. The download includes the MDESIGN software and personalized license files that are mandatory for the installation.

The nominal fee for the MDESIGN student license is 11,90 € incl. VAT and is valid for two years.

In order to use MDESIGN student, a registration must be completed after the order in order to download the software.

The following system requirements are necessary to use the software: Windows 10, Windows 11; 64-bit system; hard disk capacity: 4 GB; RAM: min. 8 GByte.


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