Quality Assurance & IT

Secure corporate objectives

Zeit und Kosten sparen mit der MDESIGN Berechnungssoftware

Save time and money

A quicker route to innovative products

The digital transformation presents increasing challenges for manufacturing companies. Here, the time factor is particularly critical in order to secure your own competitiveness in the long term. Because development cycles are getting ever shorter, as is time to market. Save valuable design time with MDESIGN and bring new products to market quicker.

Standardisierung mit MDESIGN ausbauen durch einheitliche Engineering-Methoden

Establish standardization

Standardize engineering methods

Technical processes are increasingly controlled in real-time and across large physical distances. The standardisation of process steps is a prerequisite for successful information exchange. Standardise your design methods and data across all departments and sites with MDESIGN.

Haftungsrisiken mindern dank der Normenkonformität von MDESIGN

Reduce liability risks

Compliance with standards made easy

The safety requirements which result from product liability and a plethora of legal requirements are constantly increasing. Reduce risks which are relevant for product liability law with MDESIGN. All calculation processes and functions are based on recognised technical norms and standards, meaning that you are always designing in accordance with the required engineering practices.


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