July 08, 2020

Quickly find the right supplier with MDESIGN components

Search for products - find suppliers!

The free component catalog MDESIGN components supports you in your search for the right supplier: Using product-specific parameters, you simply enter which component you need. By means of targeted filter and sorting functions, MDESIGN components suggests the right suppliers for the component you are looking for – and only those who can actually supply your component. This saves you valuable time in the procurement process.



The manufacturer-neutral definition of the product characteristics ensures unique comparability. MDESIGN components offers a variety of product groups with products from the fields of "Machine Elements", "Electrical, Automation and Process Control Technology" and "Materials" from numerous renowned companies. The number of listed suppliers for your comparison is growing continuously – for example, the catalogue was expanded in June to include a further 40 new suppliers.



The company profiles, which are stored for the majority of suppliers, provide the most important information at a glance:

  • Company Description
  • Contact details and contact persons
  • Product
  • Digital Product Catalogs
  • Online Shop
  • Communication and social media channels

With MDESIGN components, you save time and research effort when searching for components and selecting suitable suppliers.

See for yourself now: components.mdesign.online

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