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Use results and models in further systems

Communication & Interfaces - Use results and models in further systems | MDESIGN

Only when simulation and calculation data can be exchanged seamlessly – without media breaks – between different design tools can be used to their full advantage and do they allow for synergy effects across programs. The MDESIGN connect CAD interface supports the seamless exchange of data between CAD systems and MDESIGN.


Save time and increase data security

Benefit from quicker workflows and seamless processes by using MDESIGN connect. MDESIGN connect imports, analyses and transmits the data from your 3D CAD model to MDESIGN in a matter of seconds. Time-consuming manual data transcription is thus a thing of the past. Clerical errors are also avoided and duplicate data entry is no longer required.


More flexibility thanks to a bi-directional data exchange

Not only can you make use of the option of importing your 3D CAD model at the press of a button, you can also benefit from bi-directional data exchange. You can easily export your model generated in MDESIGN to a variety of CAD systems. Data exchange in the neutral STEP format is supported. Nothing therefore stands in the way of rapid further processing with the available tools any more.


MDESIGN connect is currently available for the MDESIGN shaft and MDESIGN multibolt calculation libraries. It is planned for the interface to also be usable for other calculation libraries in the next version.


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