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Calculation tools for tomorrow’s engineers

Create the education more efficient through the use of modern tools like MDESIGN

Manage training

Use modern calculation solutions

Aspiring engineers and developers need not only solid fundamental knowledge, but a great deal of creativity in order to develop new products and solutions. Take advantage of an innovative calculation tool which offers you access to comprehensive technical knowledge for the development of ideas in MDESIGN.

Safe valuable calculation time and finish projects even more quickly

Push projects forward

Create student research projects quickly

New learning content, numerous tests, and projects and practical content on the side. The workload and time pressure for students and teachers in technical training and courses of study are continually increasing. Save valuable time in the calculation of machine elements with MDESIGN and finish your student research projects more quickly.

Develop your digital skills with MDESIGN to be optimally prepared for professional life

Support careers

Be perfectly prepared for the world of work

Nowadays, good digital skills are indispensable for anyone who wants to be successful in a technology-driven world in the long term. Build your software skills and gain early experience with the market-leading MDESIGN calculation tool. You later secure a strong position in a very competitive economic environment as a result.


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