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Access totally new MDESIGN versions, the latest builds as well as release and installation information. Send us your hotline enquiries too and find out about ticket´s status and progress. This section is only available to customers with a valid service agreement. You need your customer number and password to register.

MDESIGN Roloff/Matek Edition - accompanying software to the textbook

MDESIGN Roloff/Matek Edition

Accompyaning software for students

Students can use a practical and industry-related software solution with the free MDESIGN Roloff/Matek Edition. As MDESIGN is the leading application on the market for designing and calculating important machine elements. Compared to the MDESIGN Student Edition, the MDESIGN Roloff/Matek Edition has less calculation scope and can only be used for a limited time.

MDESIGN Decker Edition: The special issue for pupils and students

MDESIGN Decker Edition

Special edition for pupils and students

The MDESIGN Decker Edition is the perfect accompanying software for anyone preparing for their career using the “Decker Maschinenelemente” (machine elements) textbook. It is available free to readers and provides the possibility of designing and calculating machine elements professionally and quickly. Compared to the MDESIGN Student Edition, the MDESIGN Decker Edition is for a limited period of time.

The free-of-charge MDESIGN Dubbel Edition: Calculate with hundreds of technical formulas easily and online!

MDESIGN Dubbel Edition

Collection of formulas for everyday practice

The MDESIGN Dubbel Edition provides pupils, apprentices and students with a comprehensive collection of technical formulas. With more than 300 formulas from fields such as geometry, hydraulics and mechanics, this is a practical resource and reference for aspiring technicians and engineers. No more researching in different sources of information.