Bolt stress diagrams with additional evaluations

Now easier and faster to assess results

Bolt stress diagrams with additional evaluations | MDESIGN

MDESIGN 2022 further simplifies the VDI 2230 bolt calculation and result evaluation with new graphic enhancements. In the current MDESIGN version, the familiar bolt tension diagram is now supplemented by evaluations for clamping forces and safeties.

Bolt tension diagram, everything at a glance

The safe and fast evaluation of a bolted connection is a continuously growing challenge. Alternatives have to be compared in the shortest possible time.

Graphical evaluation also enables users who additionally or occasionally verify bolted connections to provide quick solutions.

The bolt tension diagram in MDESIGN 2022 now also provides evaluations for:

  • the minimum safety against exceeding the yield point
  • required residual clamping force
  • maximum bolt force

The decisive advantage of the evaluation chart is its clarity and vividness. The behavior of the bolt can be understood more easily and more quickly by means of the diagram in addition to the representation with numbers.

Figure: Example of an M12x60 bolt with a transverse load

Automatic calculation documents for internal and external verification

MDESIGN prepares the documentation of calculation tasks, results, supporting graphics and diagrams, specific comments and standard references automatically and without loss of time.

Individually configured or even adapted to the CI, MDESIGN documents in PDF/A or HTML format integrate into the specified processes within the company.

International projects also benefit from output languages such as French, German, Italian, and Chinese.


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