Simply standard-compliant bolt calculation

MDESIGN bolt: Bolted joints easly and standard-compliantly calculated

Dimension bolt connections with maximum safety and reduce the calculation times for the execution of complex strength verifications. Use the market-leading digital tool for efficient bolt calculation in accordance with accepted engineering practices, MDESIGN bolt. Here, the library includes a wide variety of tools for bolt calculation depending on the use case: MDESIGN bolt offers engineers in mechanical and plant engineering the possibility of calculating bolt connections which are subject to high stress in accordance with VDI guideline 2230 systematically and in accordance with the standards. For users in steel construction, MDESIGN bolt includes recognised proof methods in accordance with the Eurocode 3 standards (e.g. DIN EN 1993-1-8) in order to safely design and measure bolt connections made from steel.


Pre-dimensioning and detailed calculation

Whether for a new design or further development of existing designs - you can choose from a variety of methods for bolt calculation in accordance with VDI 2230 within MDESIGN bolt. Simple design calculation allows you - by entering the axial force and the lateral force where applicable - to determine the bolt diameter, as well as the minimum and maximum preload force. If greater forces are to be transmitted and failure of the component may have serious consequences, detailed calculation in accordance with VDI 2230 with the help of “extended calculation” is necessary.

Quickly determine the essential influencing factors

For reliable dimensioning of a bolt connection in accordance with VDI guideline 2230, the external forces which act on the elements during operation must be known as accurately as possible. The significant influencing factors include, among other things, friction factors, the tightening procedure chosen, the number of interfaces, the mechanical and geometric properties of the bolts and nuts, the connecting material of the plates, and loads. The MDESIGN help system supports with determination of these framework conditions for bolt calculation. Because valuable information and selection aids in the form of texts, graphics and tables are available for each input parameter required. Time-consuming researching in a wide variety of analogue and digital sources of information is thus a thing of the past.


Bolt materials ready to hand

Especially the used material is important for the stressability, the functionality and the quality of fasteners like bolts and nuts. For example if the value of the tensile strength is exceeded during service than the material fails and the fastener can`t fulfill the necessary requirements. The integrated MDESIGN material database supports you with the selection of an optimal bolt material for your application. The material values for the clamping parts are also selectable from the MDESIGN database. It includes material parameters (e.g. material number, tensile strength, yield point or limiting surface pressure) for more than 450 materials. In addition, company-specific material characteristics can be entered and are thus available to all employees involved, which in turn ensures standardization.

VDI-compliant proof of strength within a short time

In order to dimension the bolts such that they withstand the loads and forces for the duration of their service life and perform their function, the appropriate strength values in accordance with VDI 2230 are calculated following definition of the constructional conditions. In a matter of seconds, MDESIGN bolt determines all of the essential variables, such as the tightening torque required, safeties, stresses (torsional, comparative and assembly preload) among others, as well as all of the forces to be calculated and the permissible surface pressure in the bolt and nut contact area. Graphic representations of the results in the form of 2D and 3D graphics help you with quick and reliable evaluation of the design.


Technical and efficient optimisation

Make use of the opportunity to evaluate alternative and variable situations at a glance for modified and new designs. Parametric analysis in MDESIGN offers you clear results for a wide variety of framework conditions within the bolt calculation. You can thus immediately assess the effect of forces and tensile strengths, for example, on the resulting safeties. Or even the tightening torque required for varying friction conditions.


Transparency and traceability

Companies, their customers and test facilities place particular value on the traceability of product development. ISO 9000, the EC Machinery Directive and product liability promote this. The MDESIGN calculation documentation provides you with the necessary documents without losing any time. Framework conditions, notes, results and graphical analyses are compiled with a click of the mouse. In company-specific layouts and for international use in German, French, Russian and Chinese if desired.


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