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Safety in screw calculation

Screw connections, bolts & pins - Safety in bolt calculation | MDESIGN

MDESIGN mechanical - screw connections

One of the most frequently used connecting elements, the screw connection, is increasingly becoming the focus of the verification.
MDESIGN supports you with assessments, interpretations, drafts, but especially with optimizations, verifications and force determinations.

The following modules are available for the design of screw connections with MDESIGN 2022:

  • Standard calculation of screw connection according to VDI 2230
  • Movement screws with trapezoidal thread according to DIN 103
  • Movement bolts with saw thread according to DIN 513
  • Moment loaded connections in steel structures
  • Bracket connections

Depending on the application, you can extend your scope of services with the following expert modules:

  • MDESIGN bolt for calculation and verification according to VDI 2230 sheet 1 and Eurocode 3
  • MDESIGN multibolt for force and moment calculation in bolt fields according to VDI 2230 sheet 2

Depending on the equipment, MDESIGN

  • Forces and pre-dimensioning of a screw
  • Draft according to VDI 2230
  • Console and moment loaded connections
  • Calculation, verification acc. to VDI 2230 part 1
  • Calculation, verification acc. to Eurocode 3
  • Determination of forces and moments in screw fields acc. to VDI 2230 part 2
  • Determination of the most heavily loaded screws
  • Calculations for special and individual screws
  • Extended material data

The results and documentation provide, among other things,

  • Securities, moments, forces, pressures
  • Load data and tightening torques
  • Necessary geometry sizes
  • Stress diagrams
  • 3D models


MDESIGN mechanical – Bolts, Pins

Even supposedly simple components such as bolts and pins often represent a safety element in constructions. MDESIGN supports fast dimensioning and informative capability in the design process with modules from this topic group. Thereby, variants regarding geometry and attack points , forces and moments, as well as and easy material selection for optimization become easily usable.

Available modules:

  • Pins DIN EN 22340, DIN EN 22341, DIN 1445
  • Plug pins
  • Longitudinal pins
  • Cross pins

Usable results:

  • Moments, stresses, pressures
  • Safeties
  • Longitudinal pins
  • Transverse pins


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