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Calculation & simulation services

Utilize verification tools for shafts effectively

Standards, guidelines, analytics and FEM

Thanks to numerical calculations, parameterized stress distributions for flange shafts are automatically determined, enabling a practical verification process. This creates a consistent basis for discussion among development teams and leads to optimized products.

When disconnecting helps connecting

Potential in connection systems

The analysis of rotor packages in large-scale energy generators leads to the examination of bolted and welded connections, increases the transferable power, and optimizes the design. This expands application possibilities and enhances system performance.

From theoretical adjustments to real-world durability

Small changes, big impact

Industrial gearboxes with torques over 10,000 kNm are subject to gear damage. A digital model and practical tests can increase quality and double the service life.

Knowledge for technology

Your strong partners in product development

We support industrial companies on their path to digital transformation. With customized services in simulation, calculation and software development, we promote efficient product development. Put your trust in over 40 years of experience and shape your industrial future.

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Calculation made easy

MDESIGN software solutions

Time-saving, standard-compliant design, recalculation, optimization and documentation of components and component groups.
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MDESIGN Services

Our services not only offer you many years of experience and expertise in calculation, simulation and software development, we are also implementing more and more engineering projects using machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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MDESIGN seminars

Practically relevant further training courses for specialists in design and product development for the safe design of machine elements in accordance with recognized guidelines and standards.
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